The Lion’s Share is a powerfully simple idea - advertisers can help bring sustainable improvement to our planet’s biodiversity by making a small contribution each time an animal appears in their ads, raising money for wildlife conservation and animal welfare. Our task was to brand this initiative in a way that was not only inspiring but also able to be easily adopted by the world’s top advertisers – it needed to be positive and inclusive. 

We set the stage with an all encompassing brand strategy aligning a massive stakeholder group including the UNDP, Clemenger BBDO, MARS as well as the idea founders Chris Nelius and Robert Galluzzo and set the stage for a brand with Hope at its core.

We developed a logo that approached the familiar in a unique way. We took the pride and nobility of the lion and introduced a metaphor for the objective of the program - closing the loop between the corporate world and conservation. 

Completed at D.A.M in collaboration with FINCH and Clemenger BBDO

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