For those who balance passions with responsibility.

Leave Pass is a boutique cycling apparel brand dedicated to those of us who sometimes need to negotiate a little to follow our passions. 
If you’re only going to be out for a limited time you should look the best – and wear those sponsors with pride.
Leave Pass developed out of a desire to make cycling kit I’d want to wear as well as nod to the requiring a pass out to get out and ride. The kit is full of small gags and observations on being a parent or having a partner who doesn't follow the same passions as you do. It riffs very heavily on a prison tattoo aesthetic to give a bad ass look to people who’ve definitely moved on from their bad ass days.
It has had some small success being worn and followed around the world by people ranging from instagram celebs, regular roadies and even pro-cyclists!

Short film on the way created by Scottie Cameron, Still Representation and Special Projects Studio.

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