LA 2024 Olympic Bid City

The process of bringing the Olympics to your city is a long and strenuous one. It all begins at a national level, where each city within a country pitches to represent the country for the bid. RE: worked with M&C Saatchi LA to create the bid identity for LA 2024. We were required to give a basic overview of how the identity would come to life around the time of the olympics. The work seen in this project is all concept except for the approved Logo. --------------------------------------------- Conceptually the lines are representative of a few aspects: The stretching shadows cast by the LA sun rising and setting along the Palm filled city; the tracks and lanes in which the athletes compete; the movement which is created by the athletes and the stripes on the american flag. The number of lines references the 5 olympic rings. The colours reference the 1986 LA Olympics as an incredible heritage and pride point. --------------------------------------------- As an added bonus the logo can be seen as a representation of the stars and stripes as the “A” letterform alludes to the shape of a star.

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