Audi TT Movement

The Audi TT first launched in 1997 to international acclaim, the 2+2 instantly becoming a design icon. A decade later The One Centre was engaged to position and launch the new TT, the second generation to compete with more 'serious' sports cars for growth, like BMW Z3 and Porsche Boxter. Our research identified a sizeable segment in the market - style strivers - who valued iconic design and athletic performance. Notoriously difficult to target, we created a unique arts and entertainment platform, the TT Movement, to bring to life the proposition of iconic + athletic and attract new buyers to the brand. The TT Movement was a high performance art movement featuring some of the world's hottest emerging artists tasked with expressing 'Iconic + Athletic' in their chosen medium. In parallel we created the Audi Art Prize, inviting unknown local artists to create their own interpretation using the same brief. Running for 6 months and culminating in an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the TT Movement drew millions of followers online and thousands to the exhibition. Covered widely in culture and lifestyle media the platform helped Audi secure hundreds of test drives for the new TT and achieve record sales growth. (credits: The One Centre AUDI TT Movement Event EVENT IDENTITY AND IMPLEMENTATION CD & AD: Simon Hong CD: Phil Shearer CD: Ignatius Jones D: Michael Boston Anim: Michael Boston & Universal Everything RECOGNITION AGDA 9th Biennial Awards FINALIST: Identity Publications Digital Media

Ambient projection at the event.
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